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I'm a photographer from Buckinghamshire, England. I specialise in wedding and equine photography, and my goal is to capture every beautiful connection.

If you want an organised, detail-oriented photographer, you've come to the right place!

I love going on adventures, exploring this beautiful world, and I'm ever so slightly obsessed with my pets.

I'm here to capture all of life's beautiful moments.

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Hey, I'm Chloe!


Why am I a photographer? To me, it’s WAY more than just taking pretty photos. It’s capturing those raw, beautiful moments. It’s documenting special milestones in your life. It’s freezing emotions and adventures in time, giving you beautiful memories to look back on.

I understand life can get hectic, so let's capture your special moments to treasure forever.

my why

I travelled solo to New Zealand and Costa Rica

I've been horse riding since I was about 6

I love being outdoors!

I LOVE animals (I perhaps have one too many pets)

Fun Facts About Me


I get to meet amazing people like YOU and capture those special moments for you to cherish forever


New website launch!


Invested in courses so I can best serve my clients


Started studying and working in marketing, while building my photography business


Went solo travelling to New Zealand


Second shot my first weddings at 19 years old


Started A Levels and did photography, learning Photoshop and finding a passion for all things creative


Got my first camera, a Nikon point and shoot - totally thought I was awesome at 13 years old

My Timeline

where I've been

tell me more!

james bay

5. To Listen To:

my pets

4. To Cuddle:

long walks

3. To Relax:

harry potter

2. To Watch:

sunflowers & ROSES

1. Flowers:

My Favourite Things

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10. Podcast


9. Holiday:

exploring nature

8. Place to Be:

hot chocolate

7. To Drink:


6. To Eat:

Did someone say more favourites!?

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