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Particularly now the weather is getting nicer, equine photoshoot dates are booking even more quickly! The sooner you book means A) you’ll get your desired date, and B) you have more time to get familiar with the photoshoot process and get excited! So what is the equine photoshoot process? Getting to know each other Once […]

The importance of reaching out far in advance to schedule your equine photoshoot


UK Equine Photographer - Chloe Bolam Photography

Doughnut and Waffles are back with their Christmas photos! I mean how could we resist, just look at them!!  With this being their third photoshoot they’ve certainly gotten the hang of it, and were such angels the whole time.  We used different props and outfits including: santa hats (that I attempted to crochet), reindeer antlers, […]

Christmas Equine Photoshoot | Doughnut and Waffles


Doughnut and Waffles the Shetlands Christmas Photoshoot

I was so excited to be able to photograph my best friend Jessie and her stunning boy Charlie. I’ve known Jessie for years now, and if it wasn’t for horses we would never have met! Time to meet this beautiful pair: “I’ve had my boy for almost 8 years now and we have made some […]

Equine Photoshoot | Jessie & Charlie