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February 14, 2023

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I had the honour of writing an article for Magpie Wedding, on ‘7 Tips for Planning an Intimate UK Elopement’. Are you dreaming of an elopement in the beautiful UK scenery? With diverse nature and gorgeous ever-changing seasons, there’s a special location waiting for everyone.

Even though elopements are a small intimate marriage, there’s still SO much to consider. It can certainly feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to! Remember WHY you’re doing this, to have the most epic wedding day with the love of your life. 

To get you start in the right direction, here are 3 of my 7 tips for planning an intimate UK Elopement:

1. Choose an amazing location that means something to you

Choosing your elopement location is probably one of the most exciting parts! Think about the type of scenery you’d like; here in the UK we’re blessed with such a variety from gorgeous woodlands like this, open fields, waterfalls and hillsides – the list goes on!

It can be a particular place you love to go and walk, or perhaps somewhere you have fond memories like your first holiday together, or where you got engaged! For a real sense of adventure, your elopement location could even be somewhere you’ve never been to before! How special would it be to find a new favourite place together as a married couple. 

2. Choose your date depending on the season and weather

When choosing your elopement date it’s super important to consider the type of weather you’re hoping to have. We all know here in the UK rain can surprise us! But generally summer holds the best weather, so if you’re hoping for sunshine that’s your best bet!

You can also think about the season and colours. Perhaps you love autumn and dream of eloping surrounded by stunning vibrant oranges, yellows and reds. Sounds so dreamy right? And trust me, that will make for some STUNNING photos!

3. Make it a whole day elopement

Eloping is not just an alternative ceremony in a stunning location, it’s a whole experience. You deserve the whole day to celebrate your love and marriage! 

Take time to plan a whole day of it: from getting ready, having your marriage ceremony, and travelling around your location to take gorgeous photos. You could even plan some fun activities together afterwards, like going for a hike, having a picnic, skateboarding, heading to your favourite cafe – whatever it may be!

With regards to your elopement timeline, it’s often forgotten to allow time for travel between locations. For example, it takes time to drive and walk from your getting ready to ceremony location, or travelling around within your location for photo spots. Make sure to include extra buffer time so you can truly relax and enjoy your day.

Want to find out my other 4 tips and see the feature? Click here to read the full article!

Chloe Bolam is a wedding, couple and elopement photographer based in Buckinghamshire, but capturing weddings across the UK.

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