How to choose the best season to get married

May 14, 2024

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Are you wedding planning and not sure what time of year is best to get married? When it comes to choosing your wedding date, it’s hard to know which season to choose! 

Ultimately, choosing the right month to get married will always depend on your vision for the day and what seasons you love the most. 

There’s a lot to consider, and it’s worth noting that popular wedding venues can get booked up two to three years in advance, especially for dates in peak wedding season – but don’t let that put you off!

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of each season, and help you figure out what’s the best season to get married!

Spring Weddings

Pros of a Spring Wedding:

  1. Spring is quite simply just full of romantic natural beauty! There’s nothing prettier than blossoms blooming on trees, pastel tones and that soft romantic pop of colour that nature bursts with at this time of the year. If your dream colour palette has always been light and neutral tones, then you are in for a treat with a spring wedding!
  2. Lighting is everything when the biggest day of your life is being photographed! Spring generally treats us to beautiful soft light. Spring also brings cloud coverage, which is ideal for soft and dreamy photos in any location.
  3. If you’re planning a big guest list, spring is a smart and safe time of the year for your wedding. There aren’t any major holidays, and you’ll be avoiding the busy summer months when many of your family or friends may have holidays booked. This allows for you to send out your invites a little later, if needed, and you can still expect lots of “yes” replies. 

Cons of a Spring wedding:

  1. The location of your wedding within the UK makes a difference, but of course the weather is never truly reliable! You may get the perfect soft sunshine and blossomed filled day, or you may get a day of spring showers. Make sure your venue has beautiful indoor areas in case!
  2. Depending upon your venue preference, an indoor ceremony and reception is a safer bet with the unknown weather that could come. If an outdoor floral backdrop is what you have your heart set on, wait those extra couple of months for summer, and you will be more likely to have the golden day you’ve envisioned. 
  3. Spring is the beginning of wedding season, so you’ll need to be organised in reaching out to book your favourite wedding suppliers, or they may be unavailable.

Summer Weddings

Pros of a Summer Wedding:

  1. Long summer days are hard to beat, with beautiful daylight lasting until 9pm! This allows for great flexibility in scheduling a ceremony time, and reduces any rush to get all your photos taken in a short time frame. Plus, you’ll be more likely to get the beautiful golden hour we all love!
  2. Lovely weather even after the sun goes down allows for some creative spins. You can light a fire and toast marshmallows at your reception under the stars, or opt for a summer bbq.
  3. If you’re a nature lover like me, summer weddings mean you can spend the majority of your day outside! You can opt for a beautiful outdoor ceremony under the trees – is there anything more romantic?

Cons of a Summer Wedding:

  1. It could be too hot! High temperatures are always something to be aware of when deciding on a summer wedding. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re going to sweat off your beautiful makeup and feel hot and bothered for your photos.
  2. You’ll be competing to book your dream wedding suppliers. Summer is of course a very popular time to get married due to the nicer weather. However, this does mean that many other couples will be getting married on the same day as you, and could be reaching out to the same suppliers! Many suppliers can be booked even 2 years in advance. Make sure to reach out early!
  3. Summer means sunshine, but that can also mean harsh lighting for your photos. Carefully consider this if you’ve been dreaming of those really soft wedding photos. Of course your wedding photographer can still capture these, but it may mean photographing in the shade or making more time in the beautiful evening light.

Autumn Weddings

Pros of an Autumn Wedding:

  1. If you adore rich, deep colours, then autumn is the season for you! Shades of orange, bronze, gold, deep purples and greens are all great selections to go with an autumn wedding.
  2. When it comes to weather, autumn is a great season that’s dependable and fairly predictable. Particularly in September, we’re still often treated to beautiful warm and sunny days. 
  3. Although the days start to get darker a little sooner, you still have a huge range of time to select when your ceremony begins, and can often still opt for an outdoor ceremony if you wish.

Cons of an Autumn Wedding:

  1. Attendance can be difficult any time of year, but unexpectedly so when planning an autumn wedding. If you have many guests who would need to travel to your wedding, they may have used up their holiday days in the summer. Selecting a location that is accessible and easy for most friends and family could help with this, but that’s often difficult to do. Top tip: make sure to get your wedding invites sent out early!
  2. Autumn is still a popular time for weddings, which means venues might be in high demand. You may struggle to secure your dream venue so make sure to reach out with plenty of time.
  3. Particularly if you’re opting for a late autumn wedding, the weather can be colder. Keep this in mind and make sure your venue has beautiful indoor areas for you and your guests.

Winter Weddings

Pros of a Winter Wedding:

  1. If fireplaces, candles, and dimmed lights are all you’ve dreamt about since you first got that ring, you can have all of them and more! A winter wedding is the perfect place for cosy details that you and your guests can enjoy together. 
  2. Winter allows for incredible and filling menus with warm comfort food and even hot chocolate stations (sign me up!) Your guests will certainly not leave feeling hungry.
  3. Depending upon the specifics, it’s safe to say that you can save extra money when booking your winter wedding, particularly with your venue. Many venues are cheaper during the winter months. It’s typically a slower time of the year, and what’s better than having leftover wedding budget money to start your marriage? 

Cons of a Winter Wedding:

  1. Weather! Yes you could be treated to a beautiful dusting of snow, but it could also bring icy conditions. Make sure to consider this and allow extra time for transport, particularly if your ceremony is at a different location.
  2. Staying warm. Even though wedding dresses can have multiple layers, and suits can add a waistcoat, you’ll most likely need a second piece to add to your outfit in order to stay warm. Consider your dream wedding style and if this could fit into your vision. 
  3. While there are many lovely touches winter weddings allow, there are only so many hours of daylight. In winter the sun sets fairly early, meaning your day needs to start and end much sooner. If you’d still like lots of outdoor photos, it will be more of a rush to fit everything in.

There you have it, how to choose the best season to get married! There are pros and cons to each wedding season and month, but considering these factors can help you make the perfect decision for you. No matter which season you choose, each has its own beautiful qualities, and your wedding will be absolutely gorgeous!

If you’re looking for a UK wedding photographer who will help you throughout the planning process as well, contact me!

I adore helping my couples bring their dream wedding to life, and capturing your special day in a beautifully bright, timeless and authentic way.

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