5 tips for beautiful getting ready photos on your wedding day

July 27, 2021

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YOU’RE ENGAGED! I’m SO excited for you. Today I’m going to share 5 tips to help make sure your getting ready photos on your wedding are AMAZING.

1) Choose a space with lots of natural light

This means lots of BIG windows. Some people like to rent an AirBnB to get ready, or make sure to ask for a corner room in your hotel. Primarily using natural light in my photos for a softer and more dreamy look, I typically open all the windows and turn off any artificial light.

2) Ask those getting ready with you to keep the space clean

As your UK wedding photographer I will always be looking out for clearing bags from the view of photos, but to help with this, make sure to remind those with you to keep the space as tidy as possible! The most important space to keep clear is near the windows because we’ll be making the most of the gorgeous natural light in photos!

3) Give yourself lots of room

Ideally you want a room big enough so you can spread out. Particularly when brides put on their dress, they like to have their mum and bridesmaids ‘helping’ for all those fun photos! The more room, the better. But natural light comes first! A big room with lots of natural light is the dream!

4) Ask those you want photos with to be ready before you

For brides, if you have your mum and bridesmaids helping you into your dress, tell them to be completely ready beforehand. This is SO important! We want the wedding party to have their hair and makeup finished to ensure they love the photos too! Send them all the timeline and give them some buffer time, getting them to be ready a little sooner to ensure everyone is ready to go.

5) Give yourself plenty of time

It’s your wedding day! Savour the moment and give yourself plenty of time. This will help you relax and not rush, as well as give your photographer even more time to take creative photos of your getting ready stage. I generally recommend about 30 minutes for me to capture details while you are getting the finishing touches of your hair and makeup, and then 30 minutes putting on the dress. This gives you plenty of time to relax and get beautiful photos.

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With Love, Chloe

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