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August 17, 2021

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I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my dear friend Hannah and her beautiful horses. It warms my heart to see how much love she has for her horses. It’s time to meet the herd!


“Bob, also known as King Bob to his friends, is a 10 year old 14.1 Connemara gelding I brought over from Ireland 5 years ago as a very green scruffy pony. He has since blossomed into quite a smart little pocket rocket, where what he lacks in height and raw talent he makes up for with lots of enthusiasm. Bob has been a pony of a lifetime for me, taking me from being very nervous and getting eliminated in x-pole classes to going double clear round BE90s, so I owe a lot to him.

He seems to think he is the main character and we are all living in his world with the sole purpose of his care and entertainment! My biggest achievement so far with him has generally just been getting to where we are now and producing him as it was so unexpected! He has had some good results including a double clear at Tweseldown earlier this year, a 2nd place at Offchurch Bury last summer in only his third ever event, and double clear at the Pony Club Regional Showjumping Championships in 2019. We both adore going cross country, going for a spin up the gallops or just a gentle hack. My future plans with him are to carry on getting some good results with him, but the dream is to qualify for the Grassroots Championship at Badminton one day!

If soulmates were animals I can guarantee Bob would be mine, we know each other inside out and he is well and truly my best friend.” 

A young equestrian hugging her grey connemara horse in Buckinghamshire
Chloe Bolam Photography. Equine photoshoot in Buckinghamshire.
Black and white equestrian photo of a girl and her grey connemara horse


“Bubbles is an 8 year old 16.1 thoroughbred mare I bought last December. She is the first horse I saved up for and bought completely by myself so means a lot to me in that respect! I got her to take the pressure off Bob so I could carry on moving up the levels without having to push him.

Bubbles is a very talented mare with enormous floaty paces and scope to burn. She’s sweet and trusting, although she definitely has a bit of a wild side. We’ve had a few challenges thrown at us since I got her but I’m so so excited to get her going. I have no set plan for her at the moment, just to take things at her pace, but the aim is to event and go up the levels from there!” 

A bay retrained thoroughbred horse
A young eventer and her bay thoroughbred bare. Equine photographer Buckinghamshire
Equine photoshoot Milton Keynes


“Lou is a 19 year old 13.2 mare who I got when I was 10. She is the sweetest pony on the yard and an absolute gem. She’s not had the easiest past and can be quirky in lots of ways which is why we hung onto her to let her have the retirement she deserves.

She still does a little bit every now and then but spends most of her time getting fat in the field. Lou definitely challenged me in lots of ways but we had so much fun together once we came out the other side. She is the pony who created my love for cross country, always giving me so much confidence.

She gave me my first clear and 3rd place in my first Hunter trial, and even came 6th at the Pony Club Endurance Championships one year. We had so much fun going to Pony Club Camp and training with my friends – even at 13.2 she managed to keep up!

I’m very fortunate my parents were able to keep Lou and give her the security and love she deserves, as no pony deserves it more than Lou does. She is an angel and I would not be the rider I am today without her.” 

A chestnut mare pony and her owner
A chestnut mare horse
A blonde girl with her pony


“We bought Fen off a friend of ours when I was 6 and I vividly remember the day we got her. I walked up to the front of my year 3 class with a photo and proudly announced during show and tell that I was getting my first ever pony grinning from ear to ear. And to this day, nothing makes me happier than seeing her face every day.

She makes me laugh like no other pony does – she has such a huge character for such a little pony. She drags us in and from the field every day like a tiny stallion and almost kicks her door down every evening at feed time. She may be small but she is definitely mighty and is mostly found with her ears flat backwards, which is why I salute Chloe for getting some photos with her ears actually forward!

At 11.3 and 27 years old, Fen has had quite the life. There’s nothing she hasn’t done – from pony club, to hunting, side saddle, driving, endurance, mounted games, showing and even being a mum, she really earned her retirement. She is a very typical mare – I often have to call in backup to catch her in the stable!

Fen has been through a lot and it came as quite a relief when I woke up on my 16th birthday to find out she had made it through her colic surgery the night before. At 24 I think the vets thought we were insane but we know that pony inside out, and if any pony was going to make it she was. I thank my lucky stars everyday that she is still around to keep me on my toes and occasionally I’ll even sneak in a cuddle or two.” 

A girl and her childhood pony
Milton Keynes Equine Photographer
A girl and her pony in a field

This equine photoshoot took place in Milton Keynes. As a UK equine photographer based in Shropshire, I travel all over the country. It’s the biggest joy to capture the special bond between you and your horse.

Would you like some beautiful memories with your special horse or pony?

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With Love, Chloe

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