Sunflower Photoshoot | The Patch MK

October 7, 2021

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In August 2021 we visited The Patch MK, when all of their sunflowers were in full bloom! I’d never been before and didn’t know there would be so many! 

Sunflowers are one of my FAVOURITE flowers, so of course I took my camera along…

The Patch MK - sunflower field in Milton Keynes
Portraits in a sunflower field Milton Keynes
Chloe Bolam Photography sunflower photoshoot
Chloe Bolam Photography
Photoshoot at The Patch MK
Personal Brand Photographer Buckinghamshire
Personal Brand Photographer Milton Keynes
Photoshoot at The Patch MK
Sunflower field photoshoot in Milton Keynes
Photoshoot at The Patch MK
A girl running towards the camera holding sunflowers
A girl running through a sunflower field
A girl laughing and running through a flower field holding sunflowers

Who’s going to see the pumpkins at The Patch MK this autumn? Comment below!

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