How to decide on a Wedding Photographer

October 20, 2021

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If you read my previous blog ‘Questions to ask your potential Wedding Photographer’, you’re now in the right place. Hopefully you have some answers and are looking to choose the right one!

Couple wedding portraits at Kirtlington Park
^ Photo at Kirtlington Park, a Wedding Venue in Oxfordshire

I believe your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors you’ll book. You spend more time with your photographer than almost any vendor, from emails, phone calls, your engagement session, and the whole wedding day itself from getting ready to your first dance. It’s SO important you choose someone you connect with, trust, and who is capable and confident to beautifully capture your day.

Now you’ve had the chance to ask some of the previous questions, think about:

  • Do I connect with this photographer? Can I spend 9+ hours with this person on my wedding day and for my engagement session?
  • Are they consistent in their work?
  • Are they able to beautifully capture each part of the day? 
  • Are they excited about me and my wedding day? I personally get SO excited about the thought of being part of a wedding. They are truly such beautiful days and the first day of your marriage, and that is so special.
  • Do they seem prepared and confident to shoot a wedding? Your photographer should fill you with confidence to trust them.
  • Do I know exactly what to expect if I choose them as my photographer? Do you know how long it will take to get your photos, how you will access them, exactly what’s included in your collection etc.

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you’ve found yourself your PERFECT wedding photographer.

Have any more questions? Feel free to comment below, or email me at – I’m more than happy to help you!

With Love, Chloe

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