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September 9, 2021

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First of all, congratulations on your engagement! It’s truly such an exciting time! If you’re reading this blog, you’re currently looking for a wedding photographer. I know this can feel completely overwhelming so I’m here to help!

To be honest, in my opinion, you shouldn’t have to ask your wedding photographer too many questions! They should be providing you with resources and information to help you feel confident and comfortable. However, there are sometimes things that are missed, and hiring someone to capture the first day of your marriage is a BIG deal! So here are some tips and questions to consider, when looking for your perfect wedding photographer…

Euridge Manor Wedding Photographer Chloe Bolam

There are two main aspects to consider: what is this person like, and are they capable/confident photographing my wedding?

Who they are:

  • Why should I choose you as my photographer? It could be their exceptional experience, how much they love to help couples through this milestone, being more than just a photographer and becoming friends with couples etc. You can find out more about how I’m different here!
  • Why do you love photographing weddings? Marriage is a beautiful gift that should be captured with the utmost level of care, love and attention to detail. Your photographer should genuinely absolutely love weddings! They’re capturing one of the best and most special days of your life, and all the emotional moments throughout the day.
  • What is your approach when shooting a wedding? Personally, I’ll give more direction in the getting ready phase, and then during events throughout the day I try to be discreet to capture your day as naturally as possible. Particularly in the ceremony I try to be unnoticeable, to truly capture you in the moment. When we get dedicated portrait time, I love to give guidance and prompts to capture fun but natural photos.
  • Can you help us with our timeline? This is something I love to do for all of my couples! I’ve been to countless weddings and know the best timings for different parts of your day. Your wedding photographers should be able to give some guidance, at least in terms of how long photos from each part of the day typically take.

Experience and capabilities:

  • Can I see an entire gallery from a wedding you’ve photographed? You should get to see how your potential wedding photographer captures each part of the day, so you know exactly what to expect! Make sure you love their editing style throughout, and look at how each part of the day and every scenario is captured, for example different lighting situations of harsh sun outdoors, dark reception halls etc.
  • What kind of lighting do you use? I personally primarily use natural light so a beautifully soft and authentic look, and will then add flash/LED in dark spaces, for example for the dancing or unique evening flash photos!
  • How do you back up your photos? This is one of the most important things! When photographing, I set my cameras to save all photos to two cards at the same time. This provides two copies, so in the very unlikely event one card isn’t working, I still have all of your beautiful photos! As soon as I get home, I then back up all of your images on not one but TWO hard drives. Your photographer MUST take this seriously.
  • How long will it take to receive my images? My contract states couples will receive their full edited gallery within 6 weeks after their wedding day (but I always deliver my full galleries much sooner). Make sure you know what to expect in terms of delivery time.
  • What kind of editing is included? Some couples look for photographers who do a bit more retouching, and other couples prefer a naturally edited look. I personally do very little retouching unless it is to remove distracting objects from the background. I will capture your wedding in a beautifully bright, timeless and authentic way, ensuring you can truly relive your wedding over and over again, with photos that never age.

There is SO much to think about when searching for your perfect wedding photographer. It can definitely feel overwhelming but take the time to consider all of these questions, and you’ll absolutely just feel it when you’ve met your perfect photographer ❤️ I hope this blog helps to give you an idea on some questions you can ask to make sure you’re the perfect match!

Ready for the next steps? Here’s the second blog in this series about how to decide on a wedding photographer once you have the answers to these questions!

With Love, Chloe

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